Sensory Gate

Sensory Gate is an italian band living between northern Italy and the south of Germany. Started as a solo-project of Andrea Pozzi in 2004, doing some remix-works for Collide, Nine Inch Nails, Caroline Lavelle, Kirlian Camera, Norhtgate, Runes Order and Sleepthief. For the re-work of „Tora Firome“ by Dark Territory, Daniele „Manguss“ Cagnotto joined to the project for some guitar-works, and a few weeks later Max Iannuzzelli joined the project, too, and so they became a real band. Apart of Sensory Gate, they started the „Sensory Gate D. C. -Project“, composing the instrumental-scores for the „Divine Commedy Project“ lead by Marino Alberto Balducci of the Phoenix-Foundation.

2008 Sensory Gate were involved in a few collaborations with other bands, in particular with Klangstabil. They wrote the song „gridami“ together, and it was released on the last Klangstabil-album „Math & Emotion“. 2009 Sensory Gate are focusing their works for the debut-album, coming out for the end of the year on MHz Records. In the meantime Daniele Cagnotto decided to leave the band, due to different musical interests, but he left some shades in a few songs.

Sensory Gate now is Andrea Pozzi and Max Iannuzzelli, working with some guest-musicians in the future. In the last weeks, apart of the album works, they wrote a song for the italian band Spectra Paris, that will be released soon, and also 2 remix-works for Sleepthief and the german band Frozen Plasma. Sensory Gate is also looking forward to play concerts in the future. The booking will be also done by MHz. The story is still at the beginning ...


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