Sensory Gate - Ianus CD

Sensory Gate
01/2010 . CD
Track List:
Laying hopes
In the distance (The black monolith)
Murder 23
Stay here
New dawn (Album version)

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Press information:
"Life is in a constant flow, moves in a circle, starts at itself and returns to its source."

With their debut album IANUS the Italian-German band Sensory Gate delivers a musical and lyrical retrospective as well as a fresh looking ahead. The ambition to come to terms with the past without losing sight of the present and the future inspired the 12 tracks of the album. They present a wide musical spectrum which is somewhere between partly melancholic  Electro - Pop - Rock, Ambient and World Music, arranged in symbiosis of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Influenced by life in its multifaceted shades the songs captivate especially with musical openness and don't shy away from exceeding the limits of different genres. After delivering successful remixes for well-known artists like Kirlian Camera, Spectra*Paris, Sleepthief und Frozen Plasma and a cooperation with Klangstabil as well as the setting of Dante's "The Divine Comedy" the time was ripe for IANUS.


Sensory Gate are:

Andrea Pozzi (music, electronics, programming) and Max Iannuzzelli (music, vocals)

Lyrics written by M. Iannuzzelli, except “in the distance" by M. Iannuzzelli & A. Pozzi
and “senseless" by alia (adapted by M. Iannuzzelli)

Guitar on “laying hopes" by Massimo Spezza
Additional voice on “in the distance" and “streets" by Alia
Bass guitar on “crowd", “in the distance" and “streets" by Bernard LeSigue

Recorded @ and

All tracks produced by Sensory Gate
Mastered by Sascha Blach @ winter solitude studio berlin

Artwork by Alia, B. May and salt