Klangstabil - Math & Emotion Special Edition CD

Math & Emotion
10/2008 . Special Edition CD

Special Edition with oversized 20page booklet (21x21cm),
Poster (42x42cm), Postcard and Stickers incl. additional
lyrics and special chess game
Limited edition of 400 copies. Special Edition sold out!

Track List:
Math & Emotion - The square root of one
Perdere per vincere (The italian opening)
Love has too much audience
Fighting colours
Hanham vs. Steinitz
Lauf, lauf!
Good night kingdom
Twisted words


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Written and produced by Klangstabil
Mastered by Simon V
Cover painting by Ugurcan Yüce
Layout by salt
This is ant-zen act216.1
This is MHz Records mhz-cd05

the year of mathematics

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