Comfort Fit - Museum CD

Comfort Fit
12/2001 . CD
Edition 1000
Track List:
En Trance
Der Zeitraum
Regenwasser staut sich nicht
Practise avoiding mistakes
NYC singles pt.1
Tatort Zukunft
Mauern Schalen und Beweglichkeit
Kaltes Bett
122 Bilder pro Minute
NYC Singles pt.2
Menschen und andere Pflanzen
Flasche bitte vor dem schütteln öffnen
Zeit ist Honig
Graphics and Layout:
Comfort Fit, MHz Records and salt (ant-zen)

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The project, "Comfort Fit" came into being in 1999 for the musicians Boris Mezga (18) and Fabien Schivre (21). Both artists live and work near Reutlingen, a few miles south of Stuttgart. Each gathered their first musical experiences as DJ's in local Clubs. In this period they were mainly influenced by minimalist techno music. Today, under the name, "Comfort Fit " they work various sound and noise elements into, as they say, a very "urban" music. To their influences, Boris und Fabien reckon names like "Ninja Tunes", "Funkstörung" or "DJ Krush". The talent of "Comfort Fit" lies in the playful way they deal with rhythm structures and samples. The numbers are based mainly on a hip-hop beat. The addition of jazz elements, sound and voice samples makes every track into a very individual and unique sound experience. Each individual piece on the, "Museum" album unifies several musical sequences. Boris Mezga und Fabien Schivre create their pieces independently of each other, mainly on computer, so that they can be seen as solo artists. The pieces on their first album, which will be released on the "MHz Records" label in early 2002, are the result of one and a half years work. Both artists set great worth on high sound quality and the individuality of each piece. Further releases on "MHz Records" are planned.