Klangstabil - Vertraut CD

06/2010 . CD-EP
Track List:
vertraut - original version

vertraut - nostalgic remix
by somatic responses

vertraut - for a friend remix
by torben wendt

vertraut - neural chernobyl remix
by access to arasaka

vertraut - wizballs out! remix
by keef baker

vertraut - ostball remix
by synapscape

vertraut - renegade of noise remix
by daniel myer

vertraut - what do you want remix
by ksdj

vertraut - rejected remix
by l'ombre

zweiter schritt - pre-version of away

ein schritt weiter - pre-version of beziehungsohr

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Written and produced by Klangstabil
Mastered by Simon V
Cover illustration by Aiga Rasch
Layout by salt
This is ant-zen act246
This is MHz Records mhz-cd07

End of story.

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