Klangstabil - One step back, two steps forward 2CD

One step back, two steps forward
04/2015 . 2CD

Track List:

1.01. mein name ist…
. gloomy day (daruma version)
. kill all lifeforms
. kantorka
. push yourself
. wir sind ganz zusammen (live)
. math & emotion - the square root of two
. gilb
. cinecittà (pre-version)
. il bacio della realizzazione
. nameless
. vertraut (original)
. wir telefonieren
. shadowboy - the awakening
. böhmatron

2.01. verführung (listen loud mix)
. you may start
. lauf, lauf!
. pay with friendship (disco remix by sonic area)
. pronto luigi
. kill all lifeforms (ra-x remix)
. leg move thunder
. firefly me
. vertraut - renegade of noise remix by daniel myer
. beziehungsohr (subheim remix)
. der menschenhasser
. elektroschock warteraum
. away
. math & emotion - the square root of three
. regelkreisauslöser

upc 821272213826
packaging: 8panel digipak



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Press information:

two decades of klangstabil - twenty years of music and friendship.

klangstabil was formed in 1994 by maurizio blanco and boris may. soon after they met they realized they were transmitting on the same wavelength and as a logical consequence their determination and vision combined to create a new perception of music. this manifested in the name klangstabil. the following theory was and is the basis for their existence as artists: in order to understand the surrounding environment as we perceive it, we must consider it from the perspective of its origin. within this process, myriads of questions emerge, the more we attempt to grasp the essential. asked differently, how is a particular sound generated? what does it result in and what does it mean? in order to recognize this, we must mentally traverse and experience a number of decades of music production in a broad range of styles. motto: 'one step back, two steps forward'.

while it was of great importance for boris and maurizio to walk their own individual path as musicians, klangstabil's music was subject to significant changes. the musical findings of their first decade were successfully turned from experimental sound collages into more accessible compositions which were nevertheless unmistakably a constructive extrapolation of the project's concept. then and now, klangstabil attempt to provide an audible answer to the question: what's next? the effort and challenge of a lifetime, which this project will continue to meet.

this compilation outlines boris' and maurizio's personal and artistic development during the last 20 years. klangstabil's entire œuvre was inspected closely for a diligent selection of the thirty tracks at hand, each one of them was elaborately remastered to achieve a more clear, transparent sound quality. 'one step back, two steps forward' provides a comprehensive overview of this project's legislating. besides well-established tracks from the releases 'taking nothing seriously', 'math & emotion' and 'shadowboy', there are many hidden treasures like long deleted compilation appearances and even unreleased works to be discovered. more than two and a half hours of music are compiled as an archive of two decades, presented in a deluxe 2 panel digipak.

'klangstabil has constituted us, defined our artistic and personal way, brought us together with people we feel connected with. klangstabil turned us into the individuals we are today.' (boris may & maurizio blanco)

Release information:

1.01 previously released on: sieg der monochronisten. 12" (1998)
1.02 previously released on: v.a. daruma. cd (2003)
1.03 previously released on: taking nothing seriously. cd & 12" (2004)
1.04 previously released on: kantorka. 12" (2001)
1.05 previously released on: tsuba. 7" (2003)
1.06 previously released on: archive.one. mp3 (2008)
1.07 previously released on: v.a. maschinenfest 2008. 2cd (2008)
1.08 previously released on: v.a. lambda. tape (2004)
1.09 previously unreleased (2013)
1.10 original by diorama / remixed by klangstabil. previously released on 'repale' cd. accession records (2005)
1.11 previously unreleased (2007)

1.12 previously released on: v.a. maschinenfest 2002. 2cd (2002)

1.13 previously released on: senden und empfangen. 12" (1995)

1.14 previously released on: shadowboy. cd (2013)
1.15 previously released on: böhm gott der elektrik. 12" (1997)

2.01 previously released on: archive.one. mp3 (2008)
2.02 previously released on: taking nothing seriously. cd & 12" (2004)
2.03 previously released on: math & emotion. cd (2008)
2.04 previously released on: v.a. sonic seducer cold hands seduction vol.147. cd (2013)
2.05 previously released on: gioco bambino. cd (2000)
2.06 previously unreleased (2006)
2.07 previously released on: v.a. vynologica vol.1. cd (2005)
2.08 previously released on: v.a. maschinenfest 2013. 2cd (2013)

2.09 previously released on: vertraut. cd (2010)

2.10 previously released on: v.a. emerging organisms vol.3. 2cd. tympanik audio (2009)
2.11 previously released on: menschenhass. 10" (1999)
2.12 previously released on: straftat gegen das leben. cd & 12" (1997)
2.13 previously released on: taking nothing seriously. cd & 12" (2004)

2.14 previously released on: v.a. advanced electronics vol.7. 2cd (2008)
2.15 previously released on: v.a. teknoir. 2cd (1999)


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