Zeta Tape [06/24] Review
datababes.de [02/2001]
nun endlich ist das neue megahertz compilation-tape fertig, wie immer limitiert auf 100 stück und wie immer genial verpackt. diesmal kommt es in einer schutzfolie und es wird ein spiegel mitgeliefert, der ermöglicht, die spiegelverkehrten infos auf dem tape zu lesen. den anfang machen wie immer die labelbetreiber klangstabil. deren track "blauer schein" erinnert an den sound, durch den wir sie kennen und lieben gelernt haben, dreckiger, noisiger, langsamer elektro vom feinsten, wie einst auf "senden und empfangen". es folgt ein eher ruhiger track von meinem werten kollegen haine. dieser entstand aus einem einzigen sample, ein glas-sound, aus dem dann das stück aufgebaut wurde. der dritte track auf der a-seite stammt von ntt, ein flächiger ambienttrack, klassisch, verträumt und schön. die zweite seite eröffnet ein altbekannter meister: conrad schnitzler. sein track ist eine dramatische und dichte klangkollage. das folgende stück von batchas besteht lediglich aus einem synthesizerbrummen, das langsam aber stetig immer dichter und bedrohlicher wird, gelegentlich von fast unhörbaren stimmen begleitet. abschliessend liefert scott garrett einen minimalen, experimentellen track, irgendwo zwischen elektro und industrial, aber dennoch nicht wirklich eines von beidem, eben typisch megahertz, musik die sich nicht kategorisieren lässt.

ouk magazine [02/2001]
es ist ein jammer für die, an denen der kelch vorübergeht, denn auch das sechste megahertz-tape wird nur einer hundertschaft zuteil. auch dieses mal sorgt die verpackung für eine nonaurikuläre vorfreude, eine spiegelkonstruktion, die erst das lesen der illustren und internationalen interpretenschar ermöglicht. tangerine dream-legende conrad schnitzler ist deren einer und der beste beweis, daß nicht alle 64-jährigen der musikantenstadelaltersdemenzförderung unterliegen. trotzdem für die highlights sorgen die lokalmatadoren klangstabil und haine, deren experimentelle gier keine grenzen zu kennen scheint. komplex und genreübergreifend präsentieren sich die acts, neben den genannten noch ntt, batchas und der texaner scott garnett. ein gemeinsamer nenner ist die schockwirkung bei außenstehenden und der genießerisch lächelnde ausdruck derer, die sich die zeit nehmen und die nötige offenheit an den tag legen, um diesen klangkunstwerken ein begeistertes publikum zu geben. popnihilismus oder die kaufhausmusik des vierten jahrtausends? ][ motik

recycleyourears.com [03/2001]
this tape, part of the series of compilation tapes released by megaherz under the names of greek letters and always limited to 100 copies, has one of the most impressive packaging i've ever seen: it comes with a square mirror with a spot to put the tape on, and the title of the tracks are written backwards, so that you have to use the mirror to read the tracklisting (click on the image on the left to have a better idea). the sampler starts with a noisy and rhythmic track by klangstabil, less experimental than usual, who play here a nice catchy track. this is not a club hit, but more a good way to catch the listener's attention. thans comes haine, who have left behind the noiseto write a piece relying on small cristalline tones and almost bleepy sounds. the result is quite sci-fi sounding, and is a nice abstract, experimental track like klangstabil / megahertz love them. the first side is closed by a surprisingly ambient track by ntt, based on soundscapes and echoed voices. nice and really softer than what i know from this guy. on the second side, conrad schnitzler offers a tracks that starts with an "epic" synthetic melody before including some accoustically-recorded noises, for a nice track. the veterans batchas are next, with a low, pulsating track recorded very low. this one got a bit boring on the long run, and i was disappointed by it. finally, scott garrett's "inner robotics" is another sci-fi sounding track that fits well its title, with modern cut out beats, long synthetic loops and a vocal samples. overall, this is mostly something for collectors. the music is good and surprising, but not ground breaking. however, the design and packaging is so appealing that anybody into cool industrial items should check this out.

nezzwerk seven [05/2001]
mhz releases it's sixth tape compilation featuring six new tracks that show more radical directions in experimental electronic genres. originally released around late january 2001, this comp is packaged with an awesome custom mhz mirror and white reversed type cassette. klangstabil inducts us with charred lo-fi tempos that move along a surface of repeating analog textures sounding like nothing they have done before. haine's track, "fragrant" reminds me of a drunken old mainframe computer that is trying to analyze and compile data, if it communicate with us on an auditory level. ntt switches tempos abysmally down with hazardous and cold resonating patches that lurk in the shadows of high-feedback vocals and barriers of distorted fields on "eternal murder victim." on side b, conrad schnitzler assaults with dark chords, lo-fi frequencies that work around a basis of broken sound devices and snare drum patches. this track, "00/142-8" almost sounds like an intro piece to something larger. batches track reminds me of something that might be on foton records, working with very minimal bass resonances and mouse-like frequencies. you might need headphones on that one. scott garret closes with "inner robotics" with swelling electroid structures that progress and build upon trance-like assaults and sample textures. as usual this solid label pushes new directions in sound devices and abstract structures for the open mind.

re:mote induction [08/2001]
zeta - the latest in mhz greek alphabet compilation series, coming with a mirror and limited to 100 copies. side a klangstabil's blauer schein starts this compilation, blunt cuts provide the choked beats against the tight analogue sequence. extra significance is given to one tone and the track builds up a resistance from there. rumbling with a tearing threat while analogue lights flicker in communicative attempts. a bass drone curves while the resistance falls but flicker remains. slowly lumping back up with broken rubble of sounds assembled as beats for a moment, before flickering to fade. a porous note repeats in haine's fragrant, punctuated by a solid sound strike. while this continues the pitter and tap of metallic tone strikes build in a clear pattern. a bass note loops tightly, fluctuations coming in periodically till it combines with the "beats" to focus the track. in structural terms i detect similarities to klangstabil with this piece, though the tones are rounder and the sound palette is clearly different. a wave of light droning tone builds in navicon torture technologies' eternal murder victim, where slight strokes can be heard. the build is a sigh of sound, mild chromatic impressions within that wave. humming, almost vocal extractions, mix with the overall, then develop so that there is clearly a voice in there. the garbled male voice is backed by a sustained female tone while the initial drone oscillates. this piece is fairly streamlined, but with that has a clear texture making this a rich sound. side b conrad schnitzler starts the second side with 00/142-8 , an awkward wind mill cycle, which turns as a choppy beat. bass replaces that as a pulse announcement joined by a sequence of slapping beats. the choked cycle flutters in the background while the fore continues to grow. in some ways this isn't necessarily the most complex piece and once established it is perhaps to consistent, but it is effective. batchas follows with sechage rapide, a fluctuating bass tone playing off a higher tone (like insect buzz) - with a voice detected in that mix there is the impression that this is some detected signal with considerable interference. the track maintains its minimalist air, little pops in the bass level and shifts in the high buzz. it's a long piece which allows a slow rise of certain elements as it putters towards its end. mixing bass strokes with squelches in a terse electro sequence the compilation is completed by scott garrett's inner robotics. taps and rushed calls add and the piece starts to develop other elements coming in in the process. the pace steps up with extra, harder beat and a vocal exhalation. approaching 4 minutes is where it really hits its stride, whorls of sound and melody working into the layers.

auf abwegen [02/2002]
die neue tape-compilation aus dem hause megahertz wird mit einer spiegelstandfläche ausgeliefert. erst wenn man die kassette in den markierten bereich auf den spiegel stellt, wird die trackliste – die natürlich spiegelverkehrt auf dem tape aufgedruckt ist – lesbar. eine pfiffige idee, die das tape zu einem schmucken objekt macht. auf der compilation tummeln sich so verschiedenartige absichten, wie jene von conrad schnitzler (lärmiger ambient?), batchas (minimale rhythmik) und klangstabil (mordendes elend). ein frisches tape! zipo